2012 Affordable Gift Ideas

DIY Sugar ScrubGreetings Lobsters!

It’s the holiday season! For all you procrastinators out there, I wanted to pull together some gift ideas for both the beauty lover and not. I have posted gift ideas for the past two years, so check out those posts for more thoughts. I also want to give a shout out to my FAVORITE YouTube beauty guru EmilyNoel83 who has been posting some awesome gift idea videos this month. Make sure to check those out too.

DIY Sugar Scrub – I found these sugar scrub recipes from theidearoom.net on Pinterest. They are very easy and inexpensive to make. Each of the five variations use similar ingredients so you could make all of them at the same time if you wanted. The best part is finding cute jars and labels to personalize each gift. I think it would be really fun to have a sugar scrub making party with friends and/or family. Each person brings an ingredient and goes home with a batch or two of their favorite scrub! Click the links below to be directed to the respective recipe page. Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub     Lemon Sugar Scrub     Brown Sugar Scrub     Peppermint Foot Scrub     Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

The Body Shop – As you might have guessed from my previous post, I am a huge Body Shop fan. They are always having huge sales, a lot of times 50% off, especially during the holidays. They do a great job on their website of calling out stocking stuffer ideas as well as listing gifts in different price ranges, so it’s really easy to find what you want/can afford. I love the “ornament” packaging, I think it’s great for the holiday season.

Beauty School Gift Certificate – Want to pamper that special someone, but can’t afford a fancy spa? Try a beauty school! Beauty schools perform almost all the standard beauty/spa services but for a fraction of the cost. Most cities have a beauty school in close proximity, if not more than one. I would recommend sticking with services like facials, massage, and/or nail services and avoid more drastic services like haircuts and color. Make it extra special by planning a day to go to the school together for services. My favorite beauty school is the Aveda Institute. They use Aveda products at all their schools and their rates are very affordable. Click here for a list of their locations.

Car Wash Punch Card – This was on my list this year! Something everyone needs, but never thinks to ask for, is car maintenance. I live in an apartment and don’t have access to a hose, so if my car needs cleaning I opt for a car wash. Most car wash chains offer a punch card or coupon booklet where you can purchase multiple car washes at once and receive a savings. This is great for anyone on your list, especially those who may not be able to clean their cars manually for one reason or another (think apartment residents or elderly family/friends). My local car wash offers a punch card for 6 car washes for $30, as well as giftcards for any amount.

Photo Gifts – It’s amazing what you can put a photo on these days! Places like Walgreens and Shutterfly.com offer a wide variety of personalized photo gift options. You can upload photos and order gifts online and have them shipped directly to the recipient. Anything from t-shirts, to blankets, to keychains, to mugs are a couple clicks away, and more affordable than ever. My favorite is this temp-sensitive mug. As hot liquid is added to the mug, the surprise photo slowly appears. Amazing!

And finally, the best gift anyone can ever receive from a friend or family member …

Quality Time – Whether it’s tea for two at your favorite local cafe or a home-cooked meal in your own dining room, sometimes the best and least expensive gift you can give is a one-on-one conversation with that special someone. Put the cellphones away, turn off the TV and catch up! Make it extra special by adding a DIY craft to the mix or bring a board game for added fun.

Happy holidays everyone!

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